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israi israi This third set of drawings are of Israi, a Viis princess. The Viis are a race of elegant, seven-feet-tall reptilian creatures who have enslaved the mammals of neighboring planets. The Viis have an obsessive concern with appearance and have lost the ability to keep their world in working order. They've lost knowledge and have little physical strength which is why they have come to rely so heavily on their slaves.

The Viis have come to see themselves as the epitome of life in the galaxy and Terryl tried to bring out their haughtiness and prejudice in her drawings.

She based the designs on the Australian frilled lizard adding primate features to the face by bringing the eyes forward and enhancing the forehead to show their intelligence.

Israi's costume is simple and refined. The jeweled collar around Israi's neck is used to hold up her scaled frills which are a sign of aristocracy. Only the most beatiful offspring of the Viis are allowed to remain in Viis society. The ugly Viis are sent out into the ghetto to fend for themselves.

israi - arylic painting

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